Turkey Trapping and Release




January and February of 2018

During the first 2 months of 2018, members of the Huachuca Gould’s Chapter assisted the Arizona Game and Fish Department in the capture and release of Gould’s Turkeys in southeastern Arizona.

At a site near Canelo to the west of Fort Huachuca, birds were lured into a walk-in trap with grain. The trap door was tripped by a cord running to an adjacent blind. On 2 trapping days, around 30 birds of mixed sex and age classes were caught. Later on the capture days, these Gould’s Turkeys were released into the Mule Mountains south of Tombstone. The birds will hopefully establish a resident population in this mountain range.

Wildlife Managers from the Arizona Game and Fish Department captured birds along Sonoita Creek for relocation as well.

Once available from the Department, more details on the trapping and release program for 2018 will update this preliminary report.

Thanks go to Brittany Oleson and Brad Fulk of the Arizona Game and Fish Department and Chapter members Wayne Kaiser, John Millican, Bowie Clemons, Wayne Bunza, and Tom Deecken for their trapping efforts.

Cooperating landowners deserve recognition as well!