Kelly Spring & Korn Ridge Maintenance

On July 3 and 5,  2017 volunteers from the Huachuca Gould’s Chapter  worked on two of its water developments in the Huachuca Mountains and Canelo Hills of southeastern Arizona.   At Kelly Spring a collection tube was reconnected and the several hundred foot long pipe was flushed.  For Korn Ridge, a block in the ¼-mile long pipe fed by a livestock water line was bypassed. Water once again was flowing to the connected storage tanks and drinkers and available for wildlife at each site. These developments are just two of thirteen waters and enclosures that the Chapter built and continues to inspect and maintain in cooperation with Coronado National Forest, cattle growers, Boy Scouts of America, and the Arizona Game and Fish Department.


On July 3rd, 2017 volunteers from the Huachuca Gould’s Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation got water flowing again into the wildlife drinker at Kelly Spring in the Huachuca Mountains.  After re-connecting the collection tube at the spring and flushing the line, the storage tank down slope began quickly filling up.  Shortly thereafter, water was available for wildlife at the drinker.  The very evident sign of deer and javelina around the drinker meant that the water would soon be used.

Located in the north fork of Hunter Canyon, this habitat development taps into water from an abandoned mine. A several hundred foot pipe line carries the water to a storage tank.  The tank in turn feeds water to a nearby metal drinker box.

The Chapter did extensive repairs (essentially re-building) to the development after damage from the Monument Fire of 2011 and subsequent erosion following several storms.

Tom Fuller, Wayne Kaiser, and Tom Deecken completed the necessary repairs on a hot, somewhat muggy morning.  The work required packing in supplies and materials about .6 of a mile from the trailhead.  Ugh!

A future work session will be planned to make more permanent repairs.  Monitoring will continue until these modifications are made.